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How to Read a Guitar Tab

In music, a tablature is a symbolic form of musical notation adapted to a specific instrument, intended to be read and performed more easily than that of a musical score.

To give another definition, a tablature is a way of representing the neck of the guitar by indicating which note should be played and when.

In guitar tabs, the lines represents the 6 strings of the guitar and the numbers on the strings represent the boxes on which to put your fingers.

Why learn to read guitar tablature?

Tablatures are particularly useful for learning the guitar without having to know music theory.

In addition, nowadays almost all songs are transcribed in guitar tablature.

If you want to learn your favorite songs, knowing how to read guitar tabs is very useful.

The basic principles for reading a tablature well

-A tablature is always represented with the low notes at the bottom.

-It is important to know the name of the strings well (EADGBE).

-The numbers indicate the fret where to position your finger on.

-The 0 indicates that it is an open string, and it must be played without putting your left hand fingers anywhere on the fretboard.

-Tabs are read from left to right.